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Frequently Asked Questions

During your first visit to a new dentist, you’ll become acquainted with your dentist and they’ll examine your mouth and teeth. Your first appointment will probably not include a cleaning or any dental work because we first need to assess your needs to develop a treatment plan.

You’ll also have the opportunity to discuss any concerns about your smile or oral health, as well as ask any questions about the dentist or the practice. We encourage your interaction because it can help you feel more comfortable during your dental visits.

There are many ways to find a new dentist, such as through online searches or by asking friends and family for their recommendations. But you shouldn’t just be looking for any new dentist -- finding the right dentist for you can make a positive difference in your experience at your appointments.

You may want to compile a list of dentists to visit before committing to one. You can visit their office and schedule a consultation to speak with them, as well as go over your records. Asking questions to each dentist you visit can help you narrow down your search.

You don’t need to brush your teeth before coming to your appointment, but it doesn’t hurt. However, it can actually be helpful to your dentist if you don’t brush your teeth before coming in for your visit.

That’s because we want to know about the health of your teeth, and this includes any problem areas you may have. If there’s a certain area of your mouth that food tends to get stuck in, we can see that and pay more attention to that area during your cleaning and exam.

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