Dental Implants in
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Dental implants are the ideal way to replace missing teeth and restore your smile to its fullest. For high-quality dental implants in Madison Heights, call our office today.

Dental Implants in Madison Heights

Before the development of dental implants, dentures were the only alternative to replacing a missing tooth or teeth. At Art Dentistry Center, we are dedicated to helping our patients overcome tooth loss and enjoy a complete smile. That is why we offer dental implants to our patients in Madison Heights. Depending on your needs, we can recommend endosteal implants and All-on-4 implants.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are screw-like synthetic structures that are surgically placed under the gums. Implants are anchored to the jawbone or metal framework on the bone and act as a foundation for an artificial tooth or permanent bridge. In some cases, implants can be used to attach fixed dentures.

Implants are typically made of synthetic yet biocompatible materials, such as titanium that we cap with natural-looking porcelain crowns. Dental implants are so well designed that they mimic the look and feel of natural teeth. You can care for your implants just like natural teeth with daily brushing and flossing.

What are All-on-4 Implants?

Traditionally, we would replace missing teeth individually with a single dental implant. In cases of complete tooth loss, we can recommend All-on-4 implants. Instead of using a single implant for every artificial tooth, we place four implants in your top or bottom jaw to serve as anchors for a full denture. We typically place two implants toward the front of your mouth and two in the back at specific angles to provide a stable foundation for the denture.

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Schedule an implant consultation with our dentist to find out if dental implants are right for you. For a successful implant to take hold, a candidate must have proper bone density and a strong immune system. In all cases, dental implants require strict oral hygiene.

What is the Process of Receiving a Dental Implant?

Surgery is necessary to prepare the area for an implant and place the implant in the mouth. Following the procedure, a period of time is required for the implant to take hold and for bone tissue to build up and anchor the implant. Because implants require surgery, patients are administered anesthesia and, if necessary, prescription pain relievers and antibiotics following the procedure.

Like any restoration, implants require diligent oral hygiene and proper care to ensure they last for many years to come. Schedule regular dental checkups so we can assess the condition of your dental implants.

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Manjiri J.
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Manjiri J.

Great Doctor and awesome hygienists! Receptionist is friendly and always texts reminders for visits! Clinic is clean and well maintained, I have requested to have more appealing pictures on the ceiling 😊
Desiree L.
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5 stars facebook dentist review in Madison Heights

Desiree L.

Thanks to the amazing team at Art Dentistry in Madison Heights, I can't stop smiling. I cried tears of joy when the dentist handed me a mirror. I highly recommend them!
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5 stars google dentists review in Madison Heights

Lois D.

Yes my encounter was good. Always asking me if I was okay. Making sure I was always comfortable and feeling no discomfort. They were very friendly and nice as well.
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