Your Dental Financing Options

Don’t Break the Bank for Your Smile

Dental care can be expensive, and many people avoid getting fundamental treatment or life-improving procedures due to the cost. But you don’t have to live with a smile that you don’t love.

We work with financing companies that can split the cost of your treatment into affordable monthly payments, so you can fit them into your budget.

Third-Party Financing Options


Whether your insurance covers part of your treatment or not, CareCredit can help. Their options include no-interest financing and low minimum monthly payments, and you can use their services for your family members and even your pets.

CareCredit is easy to apply for and can be used for a variety of services. Don’t let high treatment costs hold you back -- having a smile you’re proud of can make a world of difference.

LendingClub and LendingPoint

LendingClub and LendingPoint are two more financing companies that we work with. They offer personal loans, including loans for business, auto refinancing, and medical procedures. These options are flexible and can allow you to get the dental treatment you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dental financing is a way of taking your total cost of treatment and breaking it down into monthly payments, rather than paying for the entire cost upfront. Some dental treatments can be expensive, so it’s often easier to pay for procedures in smaller portions over time.

With financing, you don’t have to worry about saving up a ton of money and putting off treatment you want or need until you have the funds. All you’ll have to do is adjust your budget for small payments each month.

Yes, there are some financing options available if you have bad credit. However, it’s more difficult to finance your dental treatment if your credit score is below 640, though there are some personal loan options available.

CareCredit, for example, is more likely to approve your financing if your credit score is at least 623, but some people have been approved at a score of 600.

Yes, you can finance cosmetic dentistry procedures. Dental financing is especially useful for cosmetic treatments because they’re typically not covered by insurance providers. Insurance generally only covers essential treatments, which doesn’t include purely cosmetic changes.

But we know cosmetic smile improvements can bring your standard of living up by making you happier and proud of your smile.

Questions about dental financing or the cost of treatment? We can help you. Contact Art Dentistry Center by calling (248) 206-5052 to speak with us or by filling out our convenient online contact form.

We’ll get back to you quickly so we can discuss your dental payment options.

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